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Could $GOOGL Be the Most Undervalued Stock in Tech?

As we reflect on the impressive Q2 2023 performance, $GOOGL 7% revenue

growth and a EPS beat by 8% underline its powerful strategic and cost-cutting acumen. Amid a slow growth environment and tough competition, the resilience and consistent growth of Google's advertising business and Google Cloud Platform underscore its success. But what truly sets Alphabet apart is its adaptability. With a strong balance sheet and profitable growth, it skillfully navigates the challenges of macroeconomic uncertainty and an aggressive AI landscape.

Let's drill down into the details a bit. Google's advertising business - the powerhouse driving their success - is thriving. Despite being surrounded by a slow growth environment and stiff competition, Google's ad revenues from Google Search and YouTube continue their steady march upwards. A 3% YoY growth in Q2 saw Google's advertising business exceed expectations and proved its resilience and adaptability. One stand-out aspect of Google's performance is the growth and potential of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It's crucial to remember that the cloud industry is set to play a vital role in the future, and GCP has staked its claim firmly. By registering a 24% YoY growth in Q2, GCP showcased its potential as a key player in Google's future growth story. While its current market share of 15% might not seem like a lot, the trend towards multi-cloud adoption and generative AI applications in corporate IT strategies spells nothing but good news for GCP.

Alphabet has also successfully integrated generative AI into its services, making it an attractive proposition for investors interested in getting some AI exposure. The Google Cloud unit has also finally become profitable and is making a significant contribution to Alphabet's revenue. A key area where Alphabet has made strides is in its Google Search and YouTube ad revenues, which have consistently outperformed street estimates. This points towards an imminent rebound in the online advertising industry. Even with predictions of a slowdown in the ad market growth, Alphabet is well-positioned to capitalize on strong consumer spending in the travel and entertainment sectors, as well as a surge in e-commerce advertising. In the AI arena, Alphabet's dedication to Generative AI opens up yet another lucrative revenue generation source. Even though there's an ongoing debate about the impact of Generative AI on Google Search, the company's efforts in AI monetization could serve as a potent force propelling the stock even higher. That's not to say Alphabet doesn't have its challenges.

Large Language Models like ChatGPT are becoming more common and pose a threat to Google's Search utility. To address this, Google is integrating ChatGPT results alongside its own and has hinted at the launch of its multimodal Large Language Model, Gemini. Gemini could potentially outshine competitors with its unique ability to comprehend and generate text, code, and images. Alphabet is in excellent financial health and has shown strategic prowess in improving cost efficiencies and diversifying growth. Combine this with a sturdy balance sheet, continuous shareholder value creation, and a potential for solid earnings growth, and you have a company that is well-equipped for a successful future.

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